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LaZoy has a strong focus on sustainability and social responsibility.
It is the only option for us. And it is absolutely necessary if we are to preserve our planet.
You will always be able to wear LaZoy clothes with the cleanest conscience.
It is our responsibility.

The fashion industry grossly over-pollutes. We simply do not want to be a part of that. And it is not necessary at all. You can easily make clothes without burdening our planet or the planet’s people and animals the way it is done today.

Well of course the fashion industry can never be 100 % sustainable. To be that we should not produce any more clothes, but wear what we have till we die. However, this is not an option. The fashion industry is very big and powerful because we identify ourselves very much through the clothes we wear. However, this powerful industry has the responsibility to make fashion as sustainable as possible.

We at LaZoy take our responsibility seriously and you can wear the clothes with a clean conscience knowing that your piece of LaZoy clothing is produced without burdening our planet unnecessarily and without the involvement of child labor or any other outrageous conditions.

Focus on sustainability, social responsibility and transparency throughout the value chain:

Production: We produce at a GOTS certified manufacturer in Izmir/Turkey, which is called Orimpex Textiles. For more information follow this link: Orimpex is a Dutch/Turkey company with several certifications and a long tradition of sustainability.
We also produce samples and small series at the Danish manufacturer Sylab in Ikast. For more information follow this link:

Fabric: The fabric we use is primarily Tencel Lyocell and Tencel Modal, which are made from sustainable forestry. These fibers are made by an Austrian company called Lenzing. Lenzing fibers are derived from the renewable raw material wood. In an environmentally responsible production process, wood is transformed into a high quality fiber. Lenzing fibers are certified as compostable and biodegradable and therefore can revert back to nature at the end of the life cycle. For more information follow this link:
In addition to both Lyocell and Modal from Lenzing being some of the most sustainable fabrics, it is so soft and comfortable, and it is highly breathable with an efficient moisture absorption. It is strong and has a high colour retention. And last but not least it is BEAUTIFUL!

If we use other fabrics it is either recycled fabric or organic cotton. 
Because it is jersey we always use 5 % elastane for the fabric to retain its shape.

Long-lasting season independent clothes: The LaZoy season never ends. We design clothes that are season independent so you can wear the clothes most of the year and season after season. 

The clothes are very useable. You can wear the shirts together with everything from worn-out jeans to pencil skirts, and the shirt dresses allow you to dress up and down and use them both at work and at a party. 

The clothes are of excellent quality and you can use it for many years. This means that you do not have to buy new clothes as often, allowing you to not contribute to the totally indecent use-and-throw-away culture which characterizes large parts of the world today.

Long-lasting season independent clothes

Transport: The fabric is produced nearby the manufacturer of the garments to avoid unnecessary transport. We try to find freight companies that run directly without too many reloadings.

Delivery to you: The boxes for B2B customers are made of recycled carton.
Our webshop shipping bag is made of 100 % recycled plastic film manufactured at a Danish factory. The bag contains no heavy metals or other harmful substances.
If your invoice is printed it is on 100 % recycled paper.


We are constantly working to make it all even more sustainable!