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What is LaZoy’s DNA?

A niche concept of feminine shirts and shirt dresses for women who need to be well-dressed at work. A small exclusive collection made of delicious soft stretch fabric, which is extremely comfortable to wear and of course easy to wash and completely non-iron.

LaZoy is season independent slow fashion that you can use season after season, summer and winter.

LaZoy shirts and shirt dresses are the most optimal way to be well-dressed and presentable.
The easiest. The most comfortable. The most power-signaling.

Well-dressed with a clean conscience!

Below you can see what we almost always have in our collection. That’s LaZoy’s DNA.

A form-fitting buttoned through shirt with cuffs. Always in white and black; and sometimes in other colours and patterns.
In this beautiful feminine shirt you are sure to be well-dressed, presentable and power-signaling:


A form-fitting shirt with half-placket on front and sleeves. Always in white and black.
This awesome shirt is very casual while also being feminine and presentable:


A form-fitting shirt with half-placket and rib cuffs or placket. These shirts comes in many different colours and patterns.
Be well-dressed in a feminine, casual and comfortable way:


The most beautiful stretch lace shirts with soft jersey lining, which makes you feel comfortable at the same time as being feminine and well-dressed:


Power-signaling shirts and shirt dresses with shoulder straps and metal buttons:


The most amazing lace shirt dresses in red and black. Lace is the ultimate feminine fabric, so wear these dresses, straighten your back and step into character as the lovely competent woman you are and conquer the world:


Our collections will include several other shirt dresses either with half-placket or buttoned through, with cuff or rib. They will always include at least one black in addition to various colours, patterns and qualities.”


Are you a buyer and think it looks interesting?
Do you want clothes, which you don’t have to sell with big discounts when the season is over?
The LaZoy season never ends.
Call and let’s arrange a meeting where you can see and feel the clothes.

Call Ulla at +45 29404547.