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Exclusive shirts and shirt dresses with a strong focus on sustainability and social responsibility. Danish design since 2005.


Ulla Hansen

Ulla Hansen
Owner of LaZoy since 2005
B.Sc. Economics/Planning, University of Aarhus
Designer/Clothing technician, VIA Design & Business


I grew up in the clothing industry in the city of Herning in Denmark and was educated at VIA Design and Business, but I have also studied mathematics, planning and economics at the University of Aarhus. Two educations which have been found to be quite a good combination.

There is a lot of mathematics, in particular geometry, in designing and model construction. Being able to compare the lines, curves and angles in the clothes with the dimensions in the female body is of great importance for the garment fit.

Mathematics develops creativity, the ability to think analytically and see complex connections.
Why creativity: Mathematics develops the ability to both think abstractly, that is to imagine things which are not concret, and critically, the ability to re-evaluate your own and others’ experiences.

This creativity in being able to imagine things that are not concrete and to use this imagination to develop something useful out of experience is something I use a lot in product development.”

Experience and passion
Through my own interesting and varied career in the private, the public and the independent business, I have held a lot of sales meetings, customer meetings, staff selection meetings, presentations, teaching, etc.

I have made my experiences regarding dress style, signals, charisma, body language and more, which allows me to know when my meetings succeed and when they do not and why.
This is something I find extremely fascinating and want to incorporate in the design process and bring futher on to all you lovely women out there.

My passion is in the fashion industry, but it is about much more than just clothes. I do not “just” design clothes. Clothes create people. It’s about power clothes for power women. I want to contribute just a little bit so that you as a woman can get the career you deserve.

My passion lies in doing everything properly and contributing as little as possible to the pollution and lack of social responsibility that great parts of the fashion industry are part of. In my work with LaZoy, I have a strong focus on sustainability and CSR, so you can wear the clothes with a clean conscience. We must take care of our planet, its people and animals.

Why shirts and shirt dresses?
You must be able to be well-dressed at work in a feminine, easy, comfortable and power-signaling way.

Shirts and shirt dresses are equivalent to being well-dressed. No other piece of clothing without comparison can do so much for your well-dressing. The shirt collar signals both being well-dressed, elegance and style-consciousness.

My own requirements for clothes have always been: It must be feminine. It must be different, meaning not looking like anything else on the market which is often quite similar to each other. It must be easy to wear and easy to wash and of course non-ironing. And as a result the LaZoy concept became just that; feminine, different, comfortable, easy.

With a LaZoy shirt or shirt dress you can be sure to feel well-dressed, presentable and elegant. The clothes are always perfectly fit, you do not have to worry about that. And when you get home, you can just throw yourself on the couch without changing first. All the clothes are made of delicious soft elastic fabric, which in no way tightens. When traveling, put the clothes in the bag without worrying about ironing in the hotel room. The clothes simply do not need ironing.

Cultivate your individualism
LaZoy is not mainstream and mass production. As a people we are gradually becoming more individualistic. Fashion is increasingly individual. We do not want to wear the same clothes as our neighbour and colleague. We want to wear clothing that precisely expresses the lovely and competent woman, we are.

Be well-dressed with a clean conscience
LaZoy shirts and shirt dresses are the most optimal way to be well-dressed and presentable.
The easiest. The most comfortable. The most power signaling.
Well-dressed with a clean conscience!