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We are so happy and grateful for every one of our amazing customers.

Below you see a small selection of all our lovely customers and why they each choose to buy LaZoy shirts and shirt dresses.

Kirsten Kjærgaard Nielsen

I am a healthcare nurse and need to be well-dressed and feel comfortable in my clothes when I visit the families. My clothes must be relaxed, be able to withstand playing on the floor with the child and cope with a bit of baby vomit every now and then.

I love the LaZoy shirts because they are comfortable to wear and easy to wash – and a big plus that they do not need to be ironed!

Kirsten Kjærgaard Nielsen, Aarhus

LaZoy shirts are super-comfortable to wear and super-practical because they do not wrinkle when I am sitting in a train or car on my way to customer meetings, which I have a lot of in my job as an IT consultant.

This white LaZoy shirt that I am wearing here is an older model that I have used really much. I am looking forward to a new white one with mother of pearl buttons that I have heard is coming 😊.

Ann Fleischer Vosegaard, Lystrup

Ann Fleischer Vosegaard